Specialty Dentures

When a person is missing teeth, it can detract from his or her smile. Although implants may be the best permanent replacement option, there are patients that would prefer the option of dentures. Specialty dentures are more affordable alternatives. These devices are removable but provide the appearance of a complete smile.

Specialty Dentures Fit Individual Needs:

A specialty denture can be crafted to fit anywhere a hole exists in the mouth. A dentist takes an impression to create a partial that fills the space and feels comfortable. It usually consists of a plastic base and synthetic tooth connected to a metal frame that holds the device to another tooth. However, for a more natural look, a precision partial has internal attachments that are not as noticeable. All partial dentures are removable, which makes cleaning easy.

A more permanent replacement solution for multiple missing teeth is a bridge. Crowns are placed on surrounding teeth, and the bridge is cemented in place. Once a bridge is set, it cannot be removed.

Bridges are fine to fill in gaps where two or three teeth are missing, but when almost a full arc is gone, overdentures may be the best solution. These devices are similar to conventional dentures, but they use natural teeth as anchors. The appliances are placed on top of the anchor teeth and attached so that they do not leave the mouth. This makes eating simpler and more comfortable.

How do Partial Dentures Change Life?

Since partial dentures add teeth to the mouth, they help a person chew food properly. It is advised to practice on soft foods first so that it is easier to become accustomed to the new addition. Besides eating, a partial helps a person speak better as well.

Caring for Bridges and Other Specialty Dentures:

Even though bridges and specialty dentures are not real teeth, it is important to practice a regular oral hygiene routine. This keeps remaining teeth as strong and healthy as possible to maintain the bridge or partial. If the device is removable, it should be soaked in cool water when it is not in the mouth. It can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and soapy water.

How Long Do Partial Dentures Last?

Specialty dentures commonly last three to five years. As the acrylic teeth age, they wear out and have to be replaced. Also, a person's gums and bone tend to shrink, which causes the partial to fit improperly.

Hoffman Dental wants all patients to have beautiful smiles that bring pride. These professionals work hard to create a nurturing environment so that everyone remains comfortable throughout treatment. To learn more about the dental services offered, call the office today.

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