Scaling And Root Planing

When plaque and tartar accumulate on teeth, they provide an excellent place for bacteria to live. This can severely irritate gums, which causes bleeding during brushing or eating. At an early stage of gum disease, a person will be in need of a professional dental cleaning that involves scaling and root planing. If gum disease is not treated effectively, a person may develop periodontal pockets. These conditions cause teeth structure to break down and loosen. Deep cleaning teeth will remove harmful bacteria and allow the mouth to heal.

The Difference Between Scaling and Root Planing:

Scaling is the process that removes tartar from teeth. It is performed during a routine office cleaning. Root planing smooths the root surfaces and eliminates infected structure. When gum disease is present, gum pockets deepen and allow tartar to deposit under the gumline. Combining the two dental services will provide smoother and healthier teeth.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Scaling and Root Planing?

When pockets are deep and damage is extensive, a dentist may split up the procedure into two appointments. It is common for a dentist to divide the mouth into quadrants. Besides saving time, it keeps the mouth more manageable.

What Happens After the Procedures?

After a patient receives scaling and root planning, a patient may experience discomfort. Teeth may become sensitive to temperatures, and bleeding is likely for a short time. Over the counter medicine works well to alleviate discomfort. It is recommended to gently brush and floss to avoid aggravating tender and swollen gums. To clean the area, rinsing with salt water is effective.

How to Avoid Scaling and Root Planing:

It is possible to avoid the need for deep cleaning and other periodontal treatments by following a proper oral health care routine. Besides brushing and flossing each day, regular dental check-ups are advised. When a person is unsure about the correct way to keep teeth clean, a dental hygienist will be happy to explain the best process.

Scaling and root planning are two procedures that prevent tooth loss. It is never too late to begin a better oral healthcare regime. The experts at Hoffman Dental want to help patients keep teeth healthy and beautiful. They educate patients and bring empowerment through effective services.



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