Composite Fillings

During a dental checkup, it is common for the dentist to uncover a cavity.  When this occurs, it is necessary to place a filling in the tooth.  Although there are a number of possible filling materials, Hoffman Dental uses composite fillings.

A composite filling is constructed of plastic and tiny glass pieces and is designed to blend with the color of a natural tooth so that it appears invisible.  This resin material is considered safer than silver fillings.

Other Benefits of Composite Fillings:

For many years, metal fillings were a standard part of dental services. However, this material has a few drawbacks. For instance, metal often stains the teeth over time. This results in dark areas that compromise the smile. Also, metal expands and contract as the mouth's temperature changes. It is common for a metal filling to weaken the integrity of a tooth as well.

The major advantages of composite fillings include:

  • Strong Bondage. With the use of a special UV light, a composite filling is bonded directly onto a tooth. This keeps it strong and less likely to loosen over time. Since this bond remains tight, it often prevents further decay of the tooth as well.
  • Preserves Tooth Structure. As a dentist places a composite filling in the mouth, only a small amount of the natural tooth needs to be removed. Since more structure is left behind, it is kept more secure in place.
  • Less Sensitivity. White fillings are less sensitive to extreme hot and cold. During a meal, a person is likely to experience less discomfort eating foods of various temperatures.

How Do Composite Fillings Work?

Usually, a composite filling is applied in thin layers and hardened. Through the bonding process, a tooth's shape is preserved and made to conform to its original pattern. The end results are totally natural. Composite fillings are made to last at least five years. During the application, the surface must remain free from saliva.

At Hoffman Dental, we have the skills, tools, and necessary experience to apply these types of fillings. When a patient is conscious about the way he or she looks, receiving a composite filling is a smart option. It allows for a healthy and confident smile.



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