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When a person has lost all of his or her teeth, dentures come in handy. These devices are placed into the mouth to help with chewing and to create a normal appearance. Dentures are not permanent fixtures. They can be removed each night and cleaned. Dentures come in complete sets or partials, which replace only…
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Specialty Dentures

When a person is missing teeth, it can detract from his or her smile. Although implants may be the best permanent replacement option, there are patients that would prefer the option of dentures. Specialty dentures are more affordable alternatives. These devices are removable but provide the appearance of a complete smile. Specialty Dentures Fit Individual…
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Crowns And Bridges

When teeth contain large amounts of decay, they may become weak and require more help than mere fillings for repair. If the teeth have to be extracted, the mouth will be filled with empty spaces. Crowns and bridges are made to give new life to a mouth so that the smile remains complete. Both crowns…
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