Teeth Whitening in Upper Arlington

Since a sparkling smile is invaluable, teeth whitening services are the most common cosmetic dental procedures performed. Almost all of our Upper Arlington patient who undergoes teeth whitening enjoys whiter and brighter teeth.

Why Teeth Need to be Whitened:

Thanks to a shiny enamel surface, young teeth usually have a nice white color. This enamel protects teeth from the negative effects of eating and trauma. With time, enamel begins to wear down and become transparent. This allows dentin, the yellow material in the center of teeth, to shine through.

While a person chews food, microscopic cracks occur in tooth enamel that fills up with debris. This causes a dull appearance in the mouth. Teeth whitening procedures remove stains and dirt so that a shiny look is restored.

What Causes Stains on Teeth?

Certain eating habits cause stains to form. For example, a diet high in wine, coffee, tea, and soda often leads to discoloration. Also, eating acidic foods causes erosion of enamel, which makes dentin color more apparent.

Smoking is a bad habit that causes stains as well. The nicotine in cigarettes leaves brown deposits in the mouth, which soak into teeth. Excessive fluoride consumption causes spotting as well. Trauma may also cause stains on teeth. Grinding and injuries cause cracks on teeth that accumulate noticeable amounts of debris, which leave behind dark colors.

How Tooth Whitening Works:

Teeth whitening services usually involve the use of hydrogen peroxide. Prior to the procedure, a dentist cleans the teeth, fills cavities, and inspects gum health. A protective barrier is placed over the gums so that little irritation occurs. Commonly, the gel is placed on the teeth contains between 15 to 35 percent of hydrogen peroxide. This is a much higher level than over the counter products. The gel is applied to the teeth, rinsed, and repeated a few times. In approximately 40 minutes, it is possible to achieve results six shades lighter than before treatment. This brightening usually lasts up to five years.

Advantages of Professionally Supervised Whitening Dental Services:

Although there are many at-home whitening kits and toothpaste available, there are certain advantages that come from receiving professional dental whitening treatments.

  • Choose Effective Treatment. A dentist will be able to determine the effectiveness of a tooth whitening procedure. Every patient is different and will receive different results. People with multiple fillings, infected gums, or decay may not be the best candidates for this type of treatment.
  • Select the Correct Concentration. In the office, a dentist can monitor patients for sensitivity to whitening agents. Also, this professional has the ability to modify treatment for patients having a hard time seeing maximum results.
Hoffman Dental, a cosmetic dentist in Upper Arlington, practices the safest and most effective teeth whitening. For a brighter smile, call for an appointment today.

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