Dental Implants in Upper Arlington

Dental implants are artificial devices set in the gum line to support the replacement of artificial teeth. Besides restoring the cosmetic look of a natural smile, they help prevent bone loss in the jaw as well. When teeth are missing, a person's self-esteem suffers, and proper eating habits are prohibited. Replacing teeth offers the ability to receive proper nutrition and helps maintain a normal appearance. At Hoffman Dental, we are able to help Upper Arlington patients regain confidence in their smile with dental implants.

The Process of Implant Surgery:

A dentist will be able to evaluate a patient's individual circumstances and explain whether or not implants are possible. A dentist examines the gums and the bone density in the area. If there is not enough bone present, grafting may be necessary.

The first part of the implant procedure is called osseointegration. This is when an implant is anchored into the jaw bone. It will require three to six weeks of healing. This is an important step of the process and provides the platform for the new crown restoration. An implant is commonly made from titanium metal. A hole is drilled into the jaw to make room for the implant. After being set in place, gum tissue is secured over the area.

After healing concludes, an abutment is screwed onto the implant stem, which will hold the new tooth in place. A temporary crown is set on top and acts as a template for the permanent crown. The process is completed when the permanent crown is set in the mouth.

Recovering from Dental Implants:

Recovery time after surgery will depend on the number of implants received and how well a patient maintains good oral hygiene. After the initial implant is set, pain is minimal, but swelling and bleeding may occur. Medication may be prescribed to deal with the discomfort. Most patients will need to consume soft foods for the first few days following surgery. Healing from the implant placement takes up to six months, and fitting and seating the crowns takes an additional two months. Regular office visits will be scheduled to track a patient's progress.

How Long do Implants Last?

The overall success rate of implants in natural bone is 95 percent. Smokers are more likely to experience problems. The longevity of implants vary. With solid healing and bone attachment, it is possible for implants to last a lifetime.

How to Care for Dental Implants:

Once implants are finished, a patient should care for them exactly like regular teeth. They must be brushed, flossed, and professionally cleaned as usual. Even though replacement teeth cannot get cavities, they are still subject to everyday wear and tear.

Hoffman Dental provides a number of dental services so that patients can experience a healthy mouth. Implants can restore the look of a natural smile and improve self-esteem. If you are interested in dental implants in Upper Arlington, consider scheduling a consultation today.



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